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The use of natural materials means that each product will become more beautiful with age and wear. All hides are raw and therefore bear natural markings and blemishes made by the animal. Due to the handmade nature of each product, no two pieces are the same. Imperfections should be celebrated as they add unique character to handcrafted pieces.


Coffee and Cognac Bovine:

Will not remain pristine and sleek, and although scratching will occur, we do not view these marks as defects. It is completely natural, meaning it is naked, with no synthetic top finishes. For advice on general maintenance and care, the best option is to take your bag to a trusted leather goods repair shop. To care for the bag at home, you can find commercial products in drugstores to clean and polish the leather. We recommend letting the leather age naturally, feeding the leather with Leather Balsam when needed. As it matures it often gradually changes tone, developing a rich patina.

Suede and Nubuck:

Darker and vibrantly colored suedes may stain lighter colored clothing and other materials if placed in close contact.  To prolong the life of your suede or Nubuck leather product we recommend pre-treating the leather with a suede/Nubuck protectant and avoiding exposure to water or other liquids.  We also recommend occasionally treating the leather with a suede brush, which can help smooth any marks or indentations on the surface. 


If your springbok becomes dirty, gently wipe it down with a damp cloth and allow to slowly air dry. Prolonged distress on your springbok fur accessory could cause the hair to fall out.



  • Do not overload your bag. The leather will stretch and not return to its original shape. Overloading your bag may also result in failure of the handles and straps.
  • Over time you may spot an odd loose thread tip, gently burn to avoid unravelling.
  • Avoid exposing your product to dirty surfaces or liquids. Remember that leather is easier to keep clean than to clean once already stained.
  • Avoid exposing your product to direct sources of light or heat.
  • Prevent any contact with alcohol-based products and greasy substances.
  • Avoid contact with rough and abrasive materials or surfaces.
  • A well-cared-for leather product can last you a long time.
  • Store your product in the protective cloth bag provided when not in use.
  • The nature of metals is that they may tarnish or scratch if not cared for correctly. Use a soft dry cloth to clean and maintain hardware.
  • Raw brass naturally develops a patina over time, which can be polished away with Brasso or the like.

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