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Our Cape Town-based workshop where our bags are handcrafted 

Thalia Strates creates adornments for wildly spirited yet sophisticated adventurers and professionals. We use materials that are indigenous to Africa – we have such a wealth of raw materials which are unique to us, paired with clean and classic designs making for investment pieces with a story. Our products are handcrafted in a small artisan workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, by a team skilled in the methods passed down from generation to generation.


“Our brand is about marrying clean silhouettes with materials which show their age with wear. The piece comes to life as it softens and gains marks as a result of the wearer`s love for it. It is lived-in luxury, perfectly imperfect.” – Thalia Strates  


Transparency in manufacturing and materials used is vital to Thalia Strates. We believe in fair wages set by the artisans themselves, materials that are ethically sourced and building long-lasting relationships with local entities and customers alike. 

The skins we use are a byproduct of the meat industry, where every part of the animal is used - horns, hooves, fur, feathers, meat etc. We do not use skins from animals which are farmed for that sole purpose. 

We aim at inspiring slow fashion and pride in conscious consumption through the creation of meaningfully made products that excite. 



Thalia Strates, the designer

Thalia Strates - Designer and Founder


"Born in Cape Town, South Africa, into a family of mixed heritage – a Greek father and a German/Dutch mother born in Namibia – I am what we locally call a pavement special or gebarste naartjie. Bursting with a mélange of cultural influences, I found a common thread: strong, independent women.

Thus the muse of my design – independent thinkers, nurturers, creators and adventurers. There is a universal movement towards women not only running their own businesses and households but also channeling their inner wild self by being in nature. We need to embrace slow fashion by purchasing pieces that suit all these occasions and environments."

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